We Provide Resources for a Simple Move

Ensure your move goes smoothly

We're always sad when great tenants leave, but we understand that moving house is a fact of life. If you've decided to leave an Ironwood property, you'll need to notify our offices by completing the notice to vacate document. We also provide a helpful checklist that simplifies the vacating process, while outlining our standards for cleaning your rental home. Please be advised that dirty units or damaged properties may subject to additional charges.

Explaining the Move-Out Process

Download and Complete a Notice to Vacate Form

In order for our offices to complete your request to vacate the premises, we need you to download and complete the notice to vacate form. This form details why you've chosen to leave Ironwood and sets the date you intend to leave the premises. Please refer to the specific terms of your lease to determine if you're eligible to vacate.

Schedule an Inspection

You must be present for a final inspection of the premises with a member of our team. This inspection must be scheduled at least three days in advance, in order to give us adequate time to arrange the meeting. During your inspection, our staff member will review the interior of your home, check for damage, and determine whether you owe additional fees.

Clean the Unit

We have developed a simple checklist that makes it easy to determine what needs to be cleaned and addressed before you leave your property. This checklist includes cleaning the dining area and living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Your lease covers standard wear and tear, but anything beyond may be subject to charges.

Downloadable Forms

Notice to Vacate

Vacating Cleaning Instructions to Tenants